Concrete Repair in Kettering Ohio

Concrete repair kettering ohio

Do you need concrete repair in Kettering Ohio? Kettering Maintenance Services offers foundation, step and concrete repair in Kettering Ohio and the surrounding area. With many of the homes in Kettering and the surrounding area starting to show there age concrete repair is inevitable with foundation, sidewalk, driveway cracks and broken corners being the main culprit. In addition needed concrete repair may be unsightly, a safety concern, the sign of a underlying larger issue, or if left in disrepair the beginning of a new problem. Most repairs generally being nothing more than an eyesore, but foundation cracks for instance are likely to be eroding away at your foundation as water slowly forces its way into your basement. The chimney crown also requires concrete repair from time to time and being another area of concern. When left water can find its way into the chimney or your attic and ceilings. The safest way to protect against both is with an annual or biannual check to ensure any concrete is intact and providing a watertight surface. We also offer Driveway Sealing service.

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