Custom Aquarium Installation in Dayton Ohio

Affordable Custom Aquarium Installation in Dayton, Ohio and area wide. A custom aquarium setup leaves a lasting impression on guest to your business or home.  Both saltwater or freshwater fish tanks provide a calming distraction from our hectic daily routines. With the variety of fish, reef corals and invertebrates available for today’s aquarium ecosystem together we can turn your vision into reality.

At Kettering Maintenance we don’t just install aquariums for financial gain, but are driven by our love for Marine animals. Seeing one of our custom or in wall fish tanks come to life is also part of the reward. Long before starting the business as a small child I was given my first tank. Eventually progressing from breeding african cichlids into saltwater as I found my self consumed by the hobby, as many aquarium  and reef keepers do. Combining my years of in depth aquarium knowledge and home remodeling skill set was only a matter of time.

Custom Aquarium Installation Dayton, Ohio

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There are several critical factors in  setting up an aquarium for long term success. Proper equipment selection at setup provides the base from which all great tanks are started. That said there is a solution at all budget levels and we happily provide UNBIASED guidance in selection of aquarium essentials that will lead to a healthy aquarium environment for your fish and coral. I am what is considered a frugal reefer in fish community.

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