Deck Repair in Kettering Ohio a Service Company

Need help with deck repair Kettering Ohio? Kettering Maintenance Services offers deck repair in Kettering Ohio and the surround area. Owning a deck can be an extremely rewarding addition to any home. Hosting barbeque parties or enjoying a new book in the shade on a warm summers day. With deck ownership comes the chore of maintaining it. With 4 seasons in our communities our decks take a beating. It is recommended to properly inspect your deck annually for loose boards, rotted wood and to ensure the water resistant properties are maintained. We also suggest being cleaned annually to ensure a look that last. Water resistant stain should be applied biannually to aid in the prevention of rooted wood and discoloration.

Deck repair is essential to maximizing the life of your deck. Compared to costly replacement deck repair is an option anyone can appreciate. Let us get your deck back into the tiptop shape!

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