Door Repair in Kettering Ohio and Surrounding

Need help with door repair Kettering Ohio? Kettering Maintenance Services provides door repair in Kettering Ohio and the surrounding area. Doors being one of the most commonly used fixtures in the home they also take a lot of abuse from day to day activities. Doors and windows included are the homeowner’s gateway to the world and when sealed and maintained properly they keep the elements on the outside and comfort on the inside. Common problems include loose or worn hinges, damaged wood and lock replacement.

Another important purpose of exterior doors is to keep your home secured. Enough could not be said for the feeling of security in your own home. Locking the door behind you, leaving you safe from the burdens of the outside world. We offer lock replacement as part of our services for door repair in Kettering Ohio.

Interior doors serve their function well in separating rooms and adding privacy. The most common repair being worn or loose hinges. Another annoying problem, but a quick repair. Second most common, though not readily admitted, is door damage from angry children, being locked out or a overly rowdy super bowl party etc.

Door crack in wood

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