Gutter Repair in Kettering Ohio and Surrounding

Damaged gutter

Need gutter repair Kettering Ohio? Kettering Maintenance Services offers gutter repair in Kettering Ohio and the surrounding area. With gutters being one of an integral part of the roofs watershed system a properly functioning gutter is essential. While easy to forget about a damaged or sagging gutter can cause lasting damage to the soffit and foundation of a home. Gutters are designed to work using gravity as the means to remove water being diverted from the roof away from the home. In general when a gutter pulls away from its location or is improperly installed it will sag leaving a low spot. Once this occurs the majority of the water will no longer reach the downspout, but overfill the gutter leaving it to spill out where the low spot happens to be. In addition to possible basement leaks and foundation issues it can also be an inconvenience as the water may be near a commonly used entrance making rainy day grocery trips and the like a burden. More worrisome would be the ice sheets that would form during winter creating more work or a risk of falling to the homeowner.

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