Mulch Installation in Kettering Ohio and Surrounding

Mulch Kettering Ohio, Mulching Kettering ohioNeed mulch installation Kettering Ohio? Kettering Maintenance Services is a family owned locally based company offering mulch installation in Kettering Ohio and the surrounding area. With the 4 seasons here in Kettering mulch is a much needed fixture in our flower beds and gardens. We also offer a full line of lawn and garden as well as painting and home repair.

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Annual installation is recommended as a method for weed control, moisture retention, erosion control, and to act as a nutrient importer. Having several inches of mulch acts as a natural weed barrier by forming a barrier that is harder for weeds to establish a strong foothold. With the long summer month’s watering can become more and more of a chore. Mulch also helps to stop water run off and absorbs water helping to keep the roots of the plants cooler during summer months and reducing the need for frequent watering. The nutrients in your soil are the driving force in a flourishing plant. With out fresh mulch installation the removed nutrients not being replaced leaving your plants lacking the proper soil structure and nutrients they need. During cold winter months the mulch acts as a protective barrier from the wind and cold. Helping keep the healthy soil in place and undamaged.

Call us today 937-581-2732 for Mulch Installation in Kettering Ohio!

While the benefits from mulch installation on the plants are clear it also adds the final touch to any landscaping, adding curb appeal with a clean finished look. With multiple colors and woods to choose from for any style of home or landscape.

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